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Tackle your supply chain’s digital documentation and visibility all in one place. Discover the ease of managing your supply chain with Aquatio’s comprehensive tools designed to make your shipping workflow smoother.

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Digital Documentation

Replace stacks of papers with a few clicks, ensuring that your shipping documentation is accurate and accessible anywhere, anytime.

eBill of Lading

Record shipment details, terms, and conditions electronically without the fear of losing crucial data. Get authenticity and security with digital signatures.

eBOL Bill

Manage your fleet efficiently. Compile all cargo and vehicle details in one place, making it easy for you to track, update, and share information with carriers and drivers instantly.

eTruck Manifest

Digitally itemize and manage the contents of each shipment for accuracy and better inventory control. Ensure that every package leaves your warehouse with the right items every time.

ePack Slip
eBOL Bill

Instant Updates

Receive notifications the moment there’s a status change in your shipment.

Detailed Logs

View a complete and irrefutable record of every transaction, modification, and confirmation.

Audit Trail

Never miss a beat in your supply chain with our comprehensive, immutable real-time audit trail feature. Stay in the loop with updates that track the progress of each shipment from departure to delivery.

Audit Trail
Historical Data Analysis

Historical Data Analysis

Access past records easily for performance assessment and planning.

Integration Capabilities

Sync with existing systems for a cohesive workflow.

Retail Compliance

Adapting to retailer-specific demands has never been easier. Aquatio’s retail compliance feature automatically modifies your shipping documents to fit the unique needs of each of your retail partners.

customization tools

Customization Tools

Quickly adjust documents to meet any retailer’s format.

Compliance Checklists

Compliance Checklists

Pre-loaded checklists that verify every requirement is met before submission.

error reduction

Error Reduction

Reduce the chance of compliance-related returns or disputes.

Real-Time Adjustments

Make on-the-fly changes as retailer requirements evolve.

Real-Time Adjustments
Reporting Insights

Reporting Insights

Gain insights into compliance trends to better meet partner expectations.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Start threads to discuss specific shipments or general logistics.

Stakeholder Engagement Portal

Connect with carriers, suppliers, and clients all in one place. Encourage real-time collaboration and accelerate resolution times with a suite of communication tools.

Alerts and Notifications

Stay updated with automatic alerts for new messages or updates on shared transactions.

document sharing

Real-Time Adjustments

Make on-the-fly changes as retailer requirements evolve.

Activity Tracking

Keep an immutable record of all communications for accountability and traceability.

activity tracking
PLATFORM Architecture

Discover How Aquatio Powers Your Supply Chain

Dive into the technology that drives Aquatio. Our platform architecture integrates seamlessly with your existing systems for smooth operations.

Platform architecture

What Sets Aquatio Apart

Unlike other eBoL solutions on the market, Aquatio prioritizes collaborative workflows, seamless innovation, and customer success.


Collaboration First

Unlike other eBoL solutions that focus solely on digitizing paperwork, Aquatio prioritizes collaboration. Our platform is designed to facilitate communication, information sharing, and decision-making across your entire supply chain network.

Customer Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

Built with users in mind. From the speedy implementation to ongoing support, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Aquatio comprehensve solution

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Aquatio offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to address all aspects of supply chain management. From digitizing shipping workflows to enhancing visibility and resilience to deploying a seamless digital handshaking between parties, our platform provides everything you need to reduce excess waste and labor.

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collaborative workflows

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