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Digitize Your Shipping Workflows

Modernize your logistics operations and boost efficiency with our 
eBoL and digital documentation solution. Enhance your visibility and resilience with a single shared source of truth. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to digital transformation.

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The Problem

The Pitfalls of Traditional
Shipping Workflows

Don’t fall victim to inefficient processes and systems marked by unnecessary paperwork.

Manual Processes

Traditional shipping workflows rely heavily on manual processes, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in operations.

Paperwork Overload

The reliance on paper-based documentation results in a mountain of paperwork that is time-consuming to manage, and error-prone.

Lack of Visibility

With siloed systems and fragmented data, businesses struggle to gain visibility into their shipping processes, leading to blind spots.

Compliance Challenges

Meeting regulatory requirements and compliance standards is challenging with paper-based documentation, increasing the risk of fines and penalties.

Inefficient Collaboration

Limited collaboration between supply chain partners due to disparate systems results in missed opportunities for optimization.

Reactive Response

Without clear visibility and unified view of the supply chain, businesses often react to disruptions after they occur, losing money hand over fist.

Visibility Is Shaping Supply Chain Decisions

Need Visibility


Supply chain leaders consider real-time visibility a must-have for their organization.

Lack Visibility


Companies experience a lack of real-time visibility into their supply chain.



Organization’s topline revenue is allocated to mitigate chargebacks annually.

How we solve it

Transform Your Shipping Operations

Aquatio’s all-in-one solution digitizes your shipping workflows, streamlines collaboration, and empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.

No more filing cabinets, no more paperwork

One screen
Track all your shipment data in one place

Rule engine
Reduce manual processes and human-error


What Sets Aquatio Apart

Unlike other eBoL solutions on the market, Aquatio prioritizes collaborative workflows, seamless innovation, and customer success.

collaboration first

Collaboration First

Unlike other eBoL solutions that focus solely on digitizing paperwork, Aquatio prioritizes collaboration. Our platform is designed to facilitate communication, information sharing, and decision-making across your entire supply chain network.

customer centric

Customer-Centric Approach

Built with users in mind. From the speedy implementation to ongoing support, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

comprehensive solution suite

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Aquatio offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to address all aspects of supply chain management. From digitizing shipping workflows to enhancing visibility and resilience to deploying a seamless digital handshaking between parties, our platform provides everything you need to reduce excess waste and labor.

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